Together in Friendship

The Spirit of Curling

The game of curling has always been noted for the prevalence of good sportsmanship among its members and the friendly, courteous rivalry that exists on and off the ice. Most courtesies will not be found in the rule books, yet they are practiced by all curlers who understand the true spirit and traditions of the game.

A true curler would prefer to lose rather than win unfairly.

A good curler never attempts to distract an opponent or otherwise prevent them from playing their best.

No curler ever deliberately breaks a rule of the game or any of its traditions. But if they should do so inadvertently and be aware of it, they would be the first to divulge the breach.

The spirit of the game demands good sportsmanship, kindly feeling and honorable conduct. This spirit should influence both the interpretation and application of the rules of the game and also the conduct of all participants on and off the ice.

Lastly, please enjoy your curling season. Curl well, be a good sportsperson and always have FUN!!!


Chippawa Curling Club - 2016-2018