1. Name
  2. The organization shall be known as Chippawa Curling Club.

  3. Executive
    1. The Executive shall consist of the following elected positions: President, Vice-President (Draw Master), Secretary, Treasurer, and Entertainment Chairperson, each elected for a one (1) year term: (except when the CanMidWestDiv Bonspiel is to follow in one (1) year; that Executive will be elected for a two (2) year period).
    2. All positions of the Executive may be filled by any member of the Chippawa Curling Club.
    3. Elections shall take place at a General Meeting to be held on the second last curling day of the current curling season.
      • A "Plurality Vote" is required by one (1) candidate.
    4. The Executive shall be empowered to make decisions and expenditures up to $150.00, as necessary for the club.

  4. Rink Selection
    1. The Executive shall have the power to scrutinize the application list and delete where necessary.
    2. Preference of curlers shall be the following:
      1. Previous years' curlers.
      2. Current serving members of Chippawa and their immediate family.
      3. Any new comers.
    3. Skip Selection:
      • First preference shall be given to the previous year's skips. Should more than twelve (12) requests (previous years' curlers Only) for skip positions be forwarded, the Executive shall approach the previous year's skips to ask if any one would be willing to "step down" to open up spot(s). Should no spot(s) become available, then all names will be put in a random draw. The first twelve (12) names drawn shall be posted as skips prior to the bidding process.
    4. Effective the 1988/89 season. At a meeting prior to the first game, each Skip will be given 1000 points to bid on players as names are drawn randomly. Players will be awarded to the highest bidder. Amendment effective 2008-09 season - Once a position is filled(ie: Third/Second/Lead), the Skip may not bid on another player of the same position as each team may only consist of one Third, one Second and one Lead player.
    5. Each rink shall have at least one (1) member of the opposite sex, as available.

  5. Spares
    1. At the beginning of each season a spare list will be distributed to all teams of curlers available, who are not a regular member of any team.
    2. Spares will be placed on the spare list in accordance with 3(B).
    3. Spares will be moved up as regular curlers according to rule 3(B) and assessed dues as determined by the Executive, as vacancies occur.
    4. If curling members are away, one regular member plus spares will constitute a rink.

  6. System of Play
    1. The system of play shall be drawn up by the Vice President (Draw Master) and clearly listed in written form, and Web site permitting, before the first round of curling each year.
    2. At least one regular member of the team must be present to constitute a rink according to rule 4(D).
    3. A minimum of three (3) curlers shall constitute a rink with one (1) of those being of the opposite sex, as available.
    4. Games must start on time. In the event that a team is late, the team ready to curl shall take one (1) point and one (1) end for each ten (10) minutes that lapse. After a lapse of thirty (30) minutes, the game will be forfeited. When a game is forfeited, the team that was ready to curl is awarded the game (win) and the other team is awarded a default. Final score recorded will be (3-0).
    5. Curlers, except spares, shall play any position but may not change those positions during a game.
    6. Games shall be eight (8) ends (time permitting).
    7. A buzzer will sound twenty (20) minutes before the finishing time, and teams will complete the current end of play plus one (1) more end.
    8. The "CCA Rules for General Play" shall apply except where amended by this constitution and Chippawa Curling Club "Rules of Play".

  7. Protests
    1. Any protests must be written (or emailed) to any Member of the Executive within three (3) days following the game being protested.

  8. Curling Fees
    1. The amount of curling fees shall be decided on at the first General Meeting each year. The deadline for payment of these fees will also be decided at that time. Members whose fees are not paid by the deadline date may be subject to expulsion from the Club and a replacement may be selected.
    2. Each Skip is to advise the members of his/her team that they are subject to be replaced, after consultation with the Executive, if they do not attend regularly and their position may be filled by a replacement curler.

  9. Rink Standings
    1. Scores are determined by the following system:
      • Win = 4 points
      • Tie = 2 points
      • Loss = 1 point
      • Default = 0 points

      Teams are separated into Events at the end of the Round Robin by the following criteria in order:

      1. Win, Tie, Loss, Default (WTLD) points.
      2. Who beat who?
      3. Total game score for. (Actual score of game)
      4. Total game score against. (Actual score of game)
    2. Grand Aggregate winner is the team with the highest total of Round Robin and Playoff (WTLD) points.
    3. Tiebreaker:

      1. Total game score for. (Round Robin and Playoff)
      2. Total game score against. (Round Robin and Playoff)
    4. Final A, B, C event winners are determined by the same criteria as in 8(A) using only Playoff standings.

  10. General Meetings
    1. General Curling Club meetings shall be held regularly on the first curling date of each month. All members are requested to attend.
    2. Only regular (paid) Curling Club members shall have voting privileges.

  11. Miscellaneous
    1. Most Improved Curler and Twinkle Toes (Twinkie) Award candidates shall be submitted to the Executive by each Skip at the end of the last curling day of the season.
    2. Any extenuating circumstances that arise during the curling season shall be ruled on by the Curling Club Executive whose decision shall be final.

  12. Bonspiels
    1. Team representation of Chippawa at the CanMidWestDiv Bonspiel shall be allotted to regular Chippawa Curling Club members first and additional curlers second, as required.

This Constitution supersedes all other Constitutions or Amendments.

Dated October 16, 2005